4 Friends Every Woman Needs

4 Friends Every Woman Needs

 1. The Friend That Gets You

She’s the one that’s been through what you’ve been through. Whether it’s the bullying you endured in school, the really bad break-up, the physical violence in your relationship, the difficulty maintaining female friendships, the loneliness of success, or the frustrations of singleness, she can relate. You can call her at 6 o’clock in the morning or 11:30 at night, heart full of emotion, and she’ll listen. She might even bring over ice-cream right then and there. She knows what you need because she’s been there. You don’t need to explain much because she already understands.  And every woman needs to feel understood. That’s why this friend is important.

2. The Friend That’s Always Down

She’s the one you’ll call up an hour before a party and she’s ready to roll. She’s the one who’ll book a flight ticket with you for a much needed get-a-way, or pitch in for that 13-hour road trip. She’s funny, easy-going, and “down for whatever,” which makes her really good company. You’ll take her anywhere because you’ll know you have a good time. She’s your comrade, your side-kick, your road-dog, and the importance of her companionship cannot  be underestimated.

3. The Friend That Empowers

She’s your biggest fan. She’s at every graduation, recital, performance, and play. She’s usually in the front row cheering, but when she’s in the back, you’ll still hear her lovably, obnoxious voice. When you start to doubt yourself, she’ll be there telling exactly why you’re the perfect candidate for the job or why you are surely going to make it. Even though she has her own thing going on, she will use her Facebook page, Twitter statuses, and Instagram to promote YOU. She is unselfish with attention and secure. And you’ll find that she can do for you what many other women cannot do.

4. The Friend That Tells You Like It IS

She’s the one that will tell you when the hair ain’t looking right. Or the skirt’s just a bit too tight. She’ll tell you when you’re being a little stubborn or immature.  She’ll also sit you down and tell you when you need to stand up for yourself or let a certain somebody go. But she’s no “hater.” And how do you know? Because when you talk to her, you don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. When she talks to you, you want to take her advice because you know and feel that she has your very best interest in mind. She wants people to respect, love, value, and celebrate you so she’s going to do what she can to help you get what you deserve. That’s why she’s important.


With girlfriends at a Nigerian wedding!

When it comes to friendships, quality over quantity ALWAYS. If you find yourself often feeling lonely, sad, or misunderstood, it might be time to reevaluate the quality of your friendships. “Friend” is a powerful word and “friends” should be adding something valuable to your life. So who do you want to keep and who might you want to let go? Who do you need to reconnect with or who would you like to get to know?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts so don’t forget to comment! Love yall!



14 thoughts on “4 Friends Every Woman Needs

  1. This one is so true! Without at least those 4 parts I don’t know where I would be! I need to have my girl that I can call if I want to step out but she is just as important as the friend I have thats always cheering me up! But…sometimes you realize that even with those girls/guys you can still find yourself feeling lonely. I still wonder why that is.

    1. Hi Nnenna! Thanks for commenting. You’re definitely right — having the perfect friends doesn’t guarantee you’ll never feel lonely. But the quality of your relationships is always a big piece of puzzle. Your comment is giving ideas for future posts, though, so thank you!

    1. you’re not lame. and i promise you have them! you just gotta tap into their resources! i’m so blessed to have FINALLY realized that i have every one of those friends. especially #4. she’ll let me vent and cry, and then she’ll piss me off by telling me about myself. lol. but i love her!

  2. This is so true. But is it possible for one friend to have all these qualities? A super friend perhaps?? Lol

    1. Absolutely! Haha, super friends do exist! But it’s often the case that you will have a girlfriend that’s better at some of these things, but not all. And it’s important not to put the pressure on any one person to be everything to you. Instead, enrich your life by establishing and maintaining several friendships that give you everything you need.

  3. Awww I feel so honored to have my face plastered on your page….. Great post, Peace. Leave it to you to be able to articulate just what us ladies need in each other in order to do well in this life!

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