Liquid Gold: 4 Amazing Benefits of African Black Soap

Amazing Benefits of African Black Soap

Hi Guys. Didi here. So whenever I am asked about the staples in my beauty regimen, one product is sure to be said: African Black Soap! With so many great uses, it is one of Africa’s best kept secrets! But not all black soaps are created equal. It’s important to be in-the-know so that the benefits that many experience from using African Black Soap can be your benefits too.

 What To Know About African Black Soap

Real African Black Soap (ABS) is actually not black.

Real ABS comes in different shades of brown. A bar of ABS should also look a little speckled. Stay away from “black soap” that is jet black. These bars are actually dyed to get their black color.

Real ABS should also contain only natural ingredients.

The typical ingredients in ABS are: cocoa pod powder, plantain peel powder, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, water, aloe vera, pure honey, shea butter and osun (carmwood). If see any other ingredients such as dyes, sodiums, acids, or alcohols, put that bar of soap back down, it is not the real thing.

There are different types of black soap.

It’s important to figure out which one is right for you. “Dudu Osun”, for example, is an ABS that typically comes from Nigeria and contains lime extracts. Personally, this soap is too harsh for my skin (which is sensitive), but can be an excellent choice for those with acne prone skin skin.

Note: Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap is NOT African black soap. (No shade, only truth). Recently a woman at target ask me how I kept my skin clear. She told me she using Shea’s black soap on her face and was breaking out. I had to tell her that what she was using wasn’t the real deal and could be the reason she was breaking out. This is why it’s imperative to check the ingredients of any and all of your facial products!

 4 Amazing Benefits of African Black Soap

It helps clear up acne.

Black soap is a tried and true way to help clear up acne and other blemishes. It doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals typically found in other acne cleansers. Acne is often caused by an over-production of sebum (oil) which clogs your pores. But ABS cuts deep down into those pores and cleans the gunk and grime. Consider ABS the great oil reducer!

It helps fades scars and hyper-pigmentation.

ABS helps fade those pesky little dark spots and scars from previous injuries because of the vitamin E that it contains. Vitamin E helps regenerate cells (causes new cells to grow) which is what helps bring about new skin and a whole new complexion!

It works as a hair cleanser.

Black soap works great as a scalp and hair cleanser. I personally use ABS to shampoo my hair.  I run my hair under water then gently rub the bar of soap into my scalp. It lathers well, doesn’t strip my hair of moisture, and rids the hair of any product buildup, oil, or dandruff.

It helps to eliminate body odor.

Contrary to popular belief, sweat does not cause body odor. Sweat is odorless! It is sweat interacting with bacteria on the skin that causes body odor. ABS can save you from a world of embarrassment and discomfort by thoroughly cleansing your body and thereby eliminating the buildup of bacteria. Black soaps ability to strip the dead cells and bacteria from underarms and other places is something ordinary soap cannot do.

 Want To Buy African Black Soap?

Below are my favorite places to shop for it!

  4. Africa! If you or someone you know is traveling to the continent, make sure to stock up! It’s cheapest there!

What are your experiences with using African Black Soap? Feel free to share below!

Happy cleansing!



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