Exfoliation Station: Get Beach Skin Ready

Exfoliation Station

Hey ladies! Ndidi here. Summer bodies are made in the spring. So is summer skin. We should all be looking for fresh, smooth skin for summertime because it is when we bear our skin most. In order to be beach ready, exfoliated skin is a must! Exfoliation is the process of removing the outermost and oldest layer of skin to reveal newer and smoother skin underneath. Here are some helpful tips for doing just that:

1. Exfoliation for Your Face.

Exfoliation for your face is perhaps the most needed because it is the part of the body that is exposed to the most elements (ie. sun, dirt, smog, makeup, etc). I have found that many over-the-counter products designed to exfoliate the face are too harsh. As a result, I have turned to an all-natural method for my face: mixing brown sugar into my cleanser! When trying this method, wash your face in gentle upward circles. Gravity is already pulling your skin down and you don’t want to help him out. To avoid irritation, exfoliate your no more than 1-2 times a week.

Brown sugar can be found at your local grocery store.

 Brown Sugar

2. Exfoliation for Your Body.

I love Tree Huts exfoliating body scrubs. Made with certified organic shea butter, they are moisturizing to your skin and smell divine. Especially the Shea Sugar Brazilian Nut scrub. These body scrubs get the dead skin off your body and can be used daily. It works best if you use it in the shower and rub it on your skin in circular motions. Note: This is a body scrub and should NOT be used on your face – the particles would be too harsh for it.

Tree Hut body scrubs can be found at Ulta stores or www.ulta.com. They are about $8 dollars a piece.


3. Exfoliation for Your Hands & Feet.

I’ve never knew the awesomeness of exfoliated hands until I came across Mary Kay’s Satin Hands system. This is a 3-piece system that works to soften those hard-working hands or dryness-prone hands. To use, apply the hand softener to your hands and rub it like you would lotion, then apply the exfoliating scrub (1-2 pumps) and rub that in like lotion as well. Wash off the product, dry your hands, and apply the hand cream. You will immediately feel the difference and whoever gets to hold your hand, will never want to let it go! This treatment can also be used for your feet.

Satin hands can be found at www.marykay.com/namadi (which is very own Mary Kay site. In case you don’t know yet, I’m a Mary Kay consultant. You can order any of your Mary Kay needs from me!) It’s $34 dollar for all 3 pieces.

satin hands

4. Exfoliation for Your Lips

This is a step that most of us forget until we put on our lipstick or lipgloss and experience gross peeling. To avoid this, you need to exfoliate your lips. Your lip make-up will have a smoother appearance and last longer. Mary Kay’s Satin Lips system is a 2-step process designed to slough off all the extra dead skin. It starts with the lip mask, a scrub that you rub onto your lips and leave on for 1-2 minutes and wash off, then ends with a lip balm, which seals in the moisture. This process leaves your lips kissable!

Satin Lips can be found at www.marykay.com/namadi and its $18 dollars for the 2-piece system

satin lips

That’s all for now! See you all at the beach!



Ndidi Amadi is the official beauty contributor to The Pink Couch blog. You can stay connected with her via twitter @didithedancer & instagram @didithedancer

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