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Ndidi AmadiNdidi Amadi, affectionately known as “Didi,” is a social justice advocate, director of creative arts at The Ruby Project, dance extraordinaire, stylista, and beauty blogger. She lives in the space of possibility and purpose. Ndidi is a proud graduate of the illustrious Howard University and Drake University Law School. She has worked in policy based positions in the United States House of Representatives and the Iowa State House. As a passionate activist, she has traveled internationally to South Africa and Thailand to help alleviate societal ills such as human trafficking and extreme poverty and homelessness. Ndidi Amadi is also passionate about the performing arts, especially dance, and uses dance to express herself and inspire others. She has danced across the nation, internationally and on television. Ndidi uses style and fashion to make a statement to the world. Like Coco Chanel, she believes a woman should be two things “classy and fabulous.” As a skincare and beauty enthusiast, Ndidi is the official beauty contributor for the Pink Couch blog. You can stay connected with Ndidi via Twitter @didithedancer, Instagram @didithedancer, and Email: 

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