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6 JPGHey You All! Welcome to The Pink Couch! With me, Dr. Peace! I am  a firm believer that everything about a woman deserves to be celebrated – her beauty, brilliance, creativity, intelligence, and way she gives back to her family, friends, and community, often times without expecting anything in return. Face it, we’re amazing!

But I also believe that if we as women don’t take care of our minds and our hearts, everything that we have, and everything we want could easily slip away. Our mental and emotional state and well-being is SO important to our love lives, happiness, and ability to find success. So here on this blog, in this space, we’re going to get to the heart of the matter. Because what YOU want matters. And I want you all to get out of your own way.

Why the “Pink Couch”?

I love a good couch. It’s the best place to have a heart-to-heart. So when thinking about creating a space where you and I can talk about the important stuff – from friendship, love, and moving past painful pasts, to dream-chasing, goal-setting, and charting new territories as influencers and entrepreneurs – that’s what came to mind. But I also wanted to celebrate womanhood! Pink is bold, feminine, noticeable, and fun! It represents some of the best parts of who we as women are.

So…you ready to join me?! I believe you are. Don’t forget to subscribe for blog updates (in the sidebar) and come say hi in the social universe. Cant wait to meet you!

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7 thoughts on “About The Pink Couch

    1. Thank you!! It wasn’t easy, but it’s possible. I hope you do pursue those plans of yours, but timing is everything so don’t start until you’re ready! Love to you!

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